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1st post for year 2010Mar 07, 2010

Rare to see me post right?!! :D finally posted!
(: i doing great i doing fine!!

Recently quite a lot a lot of stuff happend? Actually not is just the time passes too fast too fast. i wasted 3 month, 3 month.
I still not revising i only do my homeworkss and all the last min revision.


I still pass my test, i still reached my target (expect english and add math) BUT
I become more and more confused- my time. last fri no av i think i listened wrongly therefore wrong instruction was given. BLUR BLUR!! :D

So studies is alright but need to jiayou! This goes out to all my 4N1ssss!!
Love is rather more than what is expected.
Friendship lose one very good goog brother due to small matter, and more good friend, one more sister/bro (:


(: lazy to post!Dec 19, 2009

:D! hellooo!!! Lazy to post leh.... hmmm hmm.. well is rather active in facebook and TWITTER!!! you all can add me la!!!  hmm can type ilala94!

Byebye lovely!

I BACK!Dec 05, 2009

Back from the ava camp and OMG camp (:
So tired... good nights all.

:D now only 4.00 (((: pm.
Just now in bus play OUCH OHBI game, will teach some this game and play it. ( slapping at thigh  )
Lucky now my leg have no more ah huat 5finger red mark!! some more one at right thigh one at left.

shall posty abt dec2-3 ava camp and dec3-5 OMG camp! ((:
2 more workshop to go!

Last day at bintan )):Nov 25, 2009

D: Last day at bintan!Early in the morning 6.30 bintan time woke up!
Eat breakfast! Very delicious! :D the hotcake wrapped with banana!!!! Soon we continue with rafting!((:

Group with glennis and the rest, our raft cannot make it once it is in the sea  Then we all run to another raft and join them! :D big raft!! Then during the process of making, i did not much. But learn a lot! ((: Help to hold the rest of string to make them more easy to tie the knot. hmm learn a lot!!! :D

After that we go bath! On my way back to the dorm then was like thinking where awa gone to as want to say bye to him! before i leave then once i turn my head i saw new town sec they playing flying fox :D soawa was there! Take my time to bath :D then Pack up.. While glennis is in the toilet i try to take her towel away! :D but obviously not real i wont be so bad! :D

Sit down and see zhuang hao, nigel, najiy and awa playing football!
where the rest go to play the obstacles playground! :D but i see them playing very "great" :D good match la! make me laugh when seeing nigel kept coming out of his post... Then zhuang hao and najiy keep score. soon awa call the uncles come and all play! :D fun to see them play la!!! Then walk pass awa and say good byebye to him. So sad when we saying good bye to everyone!! Glennis kept make fun of me! About awa!! :D

We bus down, in the bus kept wave to everyone we saw with glennis! :D And we have lunch and bus to ferry terminal! And brought a lot of SWEETSSS in bintan! :S

Took Ferry back! And have fun in the bus with wei jun's SMELLY SMELLY hat that scare off maisarah and maisarah use the shoe attack back!! :D Then najiy intro us then we kept "WOW" WOW" and "WOW" :D super duper fun!

I miss bintan!!!!!! 

Here is a pic took from venice. (: she wont mind right? ((:

Maisarah!!!! AWA!!!!! :D miss him yay! right maisarah!

Day2 in Bintan campNov 23, 2009

Day2 when the sun rise! I was damn happy BECAUSE! :D finally leaving survival island and = can BATH! :D
And Day1 I hardly sleep well, mid night still come out and sit with some of them around the fire. Cool.
The breakfast for the morning was GREAT! very delicious

Well we have to kayak our way back from the survival island. It was my first time kayak! :D i have a lot of first time during this camp (: And maisarahis my guide for the kayak! We cheer for each other and sing and Left right left right :DDD
She is really cute! She motivate me to continue roll roll roll :D She is also very understanding right maisarah! She dont mind my slow slow slow speed ... however, Glennis ended up changing place with maisarah! And we was like crush like mad.. Arghh! :D

 Flying Fox
:D my first time play flying fox!!! :D and is totally so different!!! This time we land on SEA!! Yar normally is land righty?! :DD cool max righty!
When the time for me i was so scare but i will want to do it so when i climb up the stair it is so SCARY!!! the stair is more scary! When i reach the top i was like so froze! :D they say if i scare sit down! NO WAY! sit down more scare. So i jump down!! Wooo they feeling!  Then awa help me unlock the lock. and i was scare because i dont know how to swim and i thought quite deep, so i grab very hard on awa MUSCULAR arm! JEALOUS me! :DDD
(so bad sia me)  . I try for the 2nd time! Then I counted 123 then jump! ( my 123 is really very long :DD ) This time i shout "WOW!" then my sandal flew off into the sea.  Awa help me unlock andthen help me find my sandal thanks man! And he asked for my name, as well i do and thanks the uncles! :D Fun!! but sad cant play again! :D

Mud walk!
My fav! before that we should have rock climb but due to heavy rain can't make it! And we play uno with some and later somehow Ferris? go down try to catch crabs and we all look as for Najiy he injure himself and miss neo help him apply medicines, he seem to be very very pain. :D

Then go mud walk with Awa, Dody( anyhow spell la) Awa very pro see him catch a lot a lot of the octopus, crabs, etc etc etc! AndHe is the one caught stone fish!! Very nice walking at the beach to another island in low tide! And i keep holding on and see the glass bottle of 2octopus!
Wei Jun and najiy caught a lot a lot of SEA CUCUMBER!!! :D really a lot...

We play the passing game! I love when the octopus come. Then the crab! Then the very eeeeeeeee sea cucumber!!!!! So wobby! Then When the rest walking up i go take the octopus from awa and play with it! Octopus is better to hold with and very cute! :D but a bit bit sticky! ((:

Camp fire!!!!!!!!!
We eat the food and play and see them do the skit! And we dance like no one there! And najiy go SUPER HIGH! he dancing! Singing! And i feel and find it great! pro! so high and relax! Then go sleep!

<span style="font-size: small;">THAT night is great! The wind sound, wave break sound!! Really great and windy but so gone! My leg is full of bites! mosquito!!!! ARGH!!!! My souvenir is mosquitobite! Should bring awaa back to Singapore as souvenir! :S

Post more next day! Post about last day!</span>

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